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Protection Detail

The Protection detail is Reflected Image's entry level detailing package. Look at it as an extremely comprehensive exterior valet, going much further in depth to achieve a significantly higher quality and longer lasting finish. Ideal for cars where paintwork correction is not wanted or required.

From £150.00

Light Enhancement Detail

Building on what is offered with the Protection detail. The Light enhancement detail replaces a glaze with a single stage paint correction. Using a single step product with some of the most advanced machine polishers to remove rather than temporarily hide many of the lighter paintwork defects and enhancing clarity in the paintwork (expect to see a 60% improvement depending on vehicle and condition).

From £250.00

Enhancement Detail

Taking the light enhancement detail up a level. Here the single step polish is replaced with a two stage program. Utilising a heavier cut product to remove deeper defects followed by a refining product to significantly enhance gloss (expect to see an 80% improvement depending on vehicle and condition).

From £300.00

Correction Detail

The aim with the correction detail is to remove as many paintwork defects as is safe to do so before refining the paint finish to a high gloss. There are no set number of 'stages' here, rather what ever products are needed to achieve  the best finish possible will be used. Constantly checking the paintwork with a wide range of lighting to ensure every defect that can be removed, has been (expect to see a 95% improvement in most cases depending on the vehicle and condition).

From £POA

Interior Detail

Taking an interior valet to a much higher level. The interior detail goes further to achieve the best finish we can with all interior components in situ. Going further for example machine polishing scratched piano black trims and once everything is as clean as we can get it, all surfaces are protected using textile, leather and plastic protectors. The perfect service to combine with one of the other detailing packages.

From £120.00

The prices shown above are a guide price for a small vehicle (typically a Ford Fiesta size) that is in reasonably good condition and is located within half an hour drive from Felixstowe, Suffolk. Please contact us for an estimate on your exact vehicle.


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Convertible roof clean & protect

Fabric convertible roofs unless meticulously cared for will become contaminated with dirt, bird droppings and algae. The original protective coating from new is also likely to have worn away leaving the roof vulnerable to the elements. Upgrade your detail to have the roof of your car deep cleaned using a citrus based cleaner with an anti mould inhibitor. Once dry a water repellent protector is applied.

From £75.00

Ceramic paint coating

Instead of the traditional wax or sealant, why not upgrade your detail to a ceramic coating? Choose from a number of coatings from Liquid elements or Feynlab. There are many benefits to choosing a coating over wax. Here are a few:

- Durability : ceramic coatings will outlast traditional waxes and sealants with a minimum durability of at least 12 months (depending on coating used and operating conditions).

- Scratch Resistance: whilst far from scratch proof, many coatings will be more resistant to minor swirl marks induced by washing. Helping to keep the paintwork swirl free for longer.

- Maintenance: a vehicle protected with a ceramic coating should remain cleaner for longer and with its ability to resist contamination from bonding the weekly wash is much more pleasurable and less time-consuming.

Due to the nature of these products certain conditions must be met. Please contact us for details.

From POA

Ceramic wheel coating

Quite possibly the ultimate way to protect your alloy wheels. Using a specific ceramic coating designed for alloy wheels which has excellent resistance to heat and scratching. Its hydrophobic behaviour resists the bonding of contamination thus dramatically reducing cleaning times and the need for strong wheel cleaners. Durability is another strong point (expect to see in excess of 24 months depending on usage and wheel type/condition). Due to the nature of this product, certain conditions must be met. Please contact us for details.

From £100.00

Semi permanent trim coatings

Upgrade the trim dressing used to one that's semi permanent. The product re-polymerizes the surface of plastics, which restores faded plastic back to looking as close to new as possible. Significantly outlasting traditional plastic dressings.

From £50.00

Engine bay detail

Finish your detail with an element of detailing under the bonnet. From modern plastic covered engines to intricate bays on many classics. Services range from a general good tidy to something far more in-depth.

From £45.00

Headlamp restoration

Over the years plastic headlamps often become cloudy, faded and discoloured. Not only does this effect their efficiency but in extreme cases can become an MOT failure. Using the latest in wet sanding and polishing technologies the clarify can be restored to these headlamps and usually for a fraction of the cost and time required to replace them.

From £30.00 
per unit

Air conditioning sanitiser

Using an antimicrobial sanitiser to help eliminate harmful bacteria and bad odours from the vehicle's air condition system.

From £20.00


Not everyone's needs are the same and whilst Reflected Image's detailing packages are designed to cater for most, sometimes someone requires something specific. This is why Stewart is happy to tailor a detail to just the way you like it!

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Following the initial detail why not set up a maintenance program with Reflected Image in order to keep your car looking at its best? Perfect for those who are time poor or not confident in maintaining the vehicle themselves. This service is dependant on vehicle location.

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